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Magneti Ljubljana is a European manufacturer of permanent metallic magnets, bonded magnets and magnetic system with a long-lasting tradition since 1951 year.

We are a development and market oriented company characterized by financial stability and business successfully. Through innovation and business excellence we continue to fulfill our customers demand and aim to create a working environment that encourages the development of our employees and company as a whole in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our vision is to become a global manufacturer in the global market for permanent metallic magnets and magnetic system. Our aim is to fulfill our customer’s demands and expectations by focusing on the development of technologically advanced products and processes.

Company value

Business excellence

Through the pursuit of excellence we strive to fulfill our business partner’s demands and meet the highest environmental and technological standards.

Client focus

We exist to serve our customer's in terms of quality, quantity, delivery and price, as well as strive to build long-lasting relationships that are based on mutual trust and understanding.

Stakeholders and Sustainability

We act in the best interest of all our stakeholders and aim to uphold the social, environmental and economic pillars of sustainable development.


We understand that the future of our company is dependent by our capability to develop new products and produce innovative solutions to meet our customer future needs.


By supporting innovative thinking mutual respect and teamwork we aim to build a working environment that encourages individuals to reach their full potential for the benefit of the individual and the company.

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Magneti Ljubljana, d.d. is a permanent magnet producer with a long year tradition. Through its regular operation and various development project, frequently in cooperation with research institutions, the company and their employees have gained broad competencies in basic permanent magnet production process as well as supporting technologies, measurement techniques and in design of materials, machines and automated magnet or magnetic system production lines. We are able to work with our partners frequently using CAD exchange systems, to support them with magnetic fields calculations and to develop dedicated measurement and quality control methods and systems.  Magneti Ljubljana also has experience in cooperating in or running own projects according the requirements of automotive and rail industries.


Product development

Major part of production in Magneti Ljubljana is based on product design and specifications provided by customers, the production process being designed and developed by our company.  However, in number of cases the design of individual magnet or magnetic system, based on basic functional requirements an limitations provided by customer is either supported or even carried out in major part by Magneti. The cooperation in product design phase is particularly favorable and encouraged because it enables Magneti to contribute to functionally and also cost optimized design by repeated evaluations of manufacturability and improvement proposals.


Material development

Company Magneti Ljubljana is constantly monitoring the advancement in new magnetic materials development and is quite successful in developing its own materials and production process in attempt to be able to produce the as »state of the art« materials as possible. Obviously, the main motive is a sustainable growth and profitability of the company. We have our own R&D department which, frequently in cooperation with external institutions, runs internal material development projects. Observing the risk analysis based on raw material markets and also on general environmental impacts of magnets supply chain we are also very active in international projects focused on recycling of magnet materials, where our work is focused on achieving the best possible material properties, comparable to those of magnets produced with »virgin« raw materials.


Injection moulded parts

One of most recently introduced technologies in our company is injection molding which is used either for production of magnets or for production of complex magnetic systems. With injection molding technology complex shaped magnets in wide dimensional range can be produced in very narrow tolerances. No further machining is necessary; therefore the somewhat expensive compound material consumption can be made optimal. We are able to produce bonded magnets based on various types of magnetic materials (most common being NdFeB), using either compounds supplied by commercial compound suppliers or compounds produced in our company, based on commercially available magnetic powders.



Based on the newly obtained competencies in injection molding our company has decided to shift focus also to more complex products where various parts, often including sintered or bonded magnets are over-molded with various plastic or bonded magnet material into an assembly which is then used directly in our customer’s product. In the past, our customers often needed to use intermediate suppliers with competencies in injection molding process which, however, didn’t have any knowledge of magnetic materials. Now, Magneti are able to provide both, the magnet and over-molding and can supply the finished semi-product. In addition to over-molded assemblies our company also has experience in producing magnet systems where other »assembling« technologies, most commonly gluing, are applied.



During numerous processes development projects a very capable automation department was formed which is able to design and execute complex automation projects with focus on magnet production and particularly quality assurance. A significant part of production equipment in our company has been either designed or upgraded with custom designed control units by our automation department. Main focus of current work is optimization of production processes by automating all work intensive and particularly quality critical steps of production processes. The introduction of visual inspection machines and building a comprehensive production data acquisition system are the latest and possibly the most representative projects of our automation team.